Friday, November 16, 2012

The Round Up - November 15th, 2012. (.GIF EDITION)

Instead, of the usual stats rundown, I decided to show you the best moments in NBA basketball yesterday. It might take a little longer to load, but it is totally worth it.

FROLO: Charles Barkley with Andrew Bynum's hair.

Inside the NBA: The only way Shaq could possibly jump over Charles at his current state.

Old Man Gangnam Style: Iconic.

 Go to Sleep: Keith Bogans tried to remove Leandro Barbosa's head and did not get a flagrant foul.

Craig Sager Suit: Craig Sager completely nailed the Pimp named Slickback look.

Fundamental: Tim Duncan got more than his shot his shot off against Tyson Chandler. Not good for the family jewels.

GALL-NO: Danilo Gallinari taking an ill advised shot at the wrong time and completely missing the rim.

Celebration: That airball led to a three point dagger from Norris Cole, who is, along with his coach are very happy.

No Love: LeBron only gives dap to important people.

Some notes:

LeBron had another monster night, 27 points, 7 rebounds, 12 assists, and 3 blocks in the victory over the Denver Nuggets.

The New York Knicks have been on fire from behind the arc, they have hit 71 of their 152 threes.

I will upload The Feed for Miami vs. Denver later today, I just have to watch it first.

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