Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Round Up - November 10th, 2012

Stats Rundown:

It was a weird night in the NBA, we got a few surprises. There is going to be a lot of Charlotte Bobcat mentions, this will forever be a Round Up to cherish for the rest of the 2012-2013 season. Kemba Walker did everything today, dropped 26 points, grabbed 6 rebounds, dished out 7 assists, and got 8 steals, pretty good for a guy that is just 6 foot.

Honorable Mention: Nicholas Batum was a mad man, scoring 33 points (11 of 18 shooting), grabbing 7 rebounds, handing out 4 assists, stealing 2 basketballs, blocking one shot and hit the game tying 3 pointer against the San Antonio Spurs. Too bad, the Spurs scored their free throws in the next possession and Batum missed a three pointer to win the game.

Board Monster: Kenneth "Manimal" Faried grabbed 17 rebounds, to go with his 18 points in the double overtime victory over the Golden State Warriors.

Thief: Kemba Walker snatched 8 basketballs from the Dallas Mavericks.

Butter Fingers: Jrue Holiday is going to be a regular high here, averaging a league high 5.7 Turnovers per game in this season, he coughed up another 7 today in the victory over the shorthanded Toronto Raptors.

Rookie Watch: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist finally posts up a big game, scoring 25 point (from 8 of 12 shooting), grabbing 12 rebounds and blocking 2 shots.

Time Machine User: Paul Pierce and his old man moves gets him another mention, finishing with 25 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 assists in the victory over the Milwaukee Bucks.

Free Basketball: Two games went to overtime today, the Charlotte Bobcats defeated the Dallas Mavericks 101 to 97 in OT. Denver and Golden State went into double overtime, the Nuggets came out on top, defeating the Warriors 107 to 101.

Passin' History: Rajon Rondo (10 assists) surpassed John Stockton for the 3rd longest double-digit assist streak, with his 30th straight tonight.

Game of Runs: Believe it or not, the Philadelphia 76ers outscored the Toronto Raptors 32 to 7 in the second quarter. Yea, 7 points in 12 whole minutes. They shot 2 for 20 from the field quarter.
Houston Rockets went on a 22 - 1 run in the second half against the Detroit Pistons, who still have yet to put up a W (0-7).

And 1 - Shoe: MKG went on a one man fast break against the Dallas Mavericks, got the basket and the foul, with only one shoe on.


Redemption: Remember that Andris Biedrins free throw attempt that missed so bad, it actually stopped 4 feet short of the rim? Well he actually hit both of his free throws today and the fans in Golden State are lovin' it. From that reaction you would have thought he hit the game winner, but the dude needs all the confidence he can get.

Highlight of the Night: Breaking News - Gerald Green can jump really really high.

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