Monday, November 12, 2012

The Feed: Los Angeles Clipper vs. Atlanta Hawks [11/11/12]


The Los Angeles Clipper pummeled the Atlanta Hawks 89 to 76 for their third straight victory today. This was a tight defensive game to begin with, neither team shot over 50 percent from the field or got 40 points in the first half. However, everything changed in the second half, well, at least for one team.

Blake Griffin led all scorers with 16 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. He took advantage of the size difference between the two teams, adding his numbers into the total 50 points they had in the paint to Hawk's measly 22. Atlanta did try to go to the post early with Josh Smith (13 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 blocks and a couple ill-advised three point attempts), who was guarded by the smaller Caron Butler, but they strayed away the strategy after a Clippers defensive adjustment.

In the second half, specifically in late third quarter with the Hawks up 53 to 48. Los Angeles went on a wild run, outscoring their opponent 31 to 12 in a game that has been neck to neck from the start. Atlanta gave up 10 turnovers in just the fourth quarter, completely shifting the momentum to the Clippers direction and it stayed until the expiration of the game clock.

Offensive End:

Atlanta ultimately lost this over the little things, missing their free throws (44 percent, 7 of 16), and turning the ball over 22 times to Clipper's 13. Three point shooting kept them in to the game, they hit 4 more threes than the Clips (5). They should have not went away from posting Josh Smith and Al Horford up and revert to their kick out shooting game. Al Horford needs more touches, he should at least attempt 15 shots a game, he only got 10 and even less against the Heat.

The Clippers started with transition post ups, it allows Blake or DJ to get very deep position before the ball hits them. Atlanta came on to the third quarter to fix that, so Los Angeles started to take jumpers. Once those started falling, they spaced out the floor, moved the ball quick and attacked the basket.

Defensive End:

Both teams were strangling each other with their defense. Nobody got to their ideal pace in the first three quarters. After halftime, the Hawks changed up their defensive strategy a bit, playing better interior defense that deterred the Clippers from posting up.

In the fourth quarter, Atlanta was just sloppy, giving away easy buckets, especially in transition.

Los Angeles was consistent through and through, against a team without a true super star, their individual defense stood out.

  • Shaq was at the game to watch DeAndre Jordan, who he called on National TV to be the BEST center in the West, the Dwight Howard trolling will forever go on. 
  • When the sideline reporter went to interview him, his son said that his dad can't talk to you because he works for TNT, a cute little funny moment.

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