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The Feed: New York Knicks vs. Memphis Grizzlies [11/16/12]


The Memphis Grizzlies sits on top of the NBA with the 105 to 95 victory over the the New York Knicks, for their seventh consecutive win. The overwhelming size of the Grizzlies, bullied the smaller Knicks in the low post, ending New York's undefeated record. Marc Gasol led all scorers with 24 points and 7 rebounds. His front court partner, Zach Randolph added 20 points and 15 rebounds.

Memphis obliterated New York in offensive boards, cashing in 22 points on 12 of them, where as the Knicks scored only 12 points on 10 of them. Both teams shot well in this game, they shot at a field goal percentage of 60 to start and about 50 to end. The only difference was that the Grizzlies got another method for points. They got sent to charity stripe 32 times, and knocked down 26 of those shots (Knicks scored 16 of 21 from the free throw line).

The godsend gift to the Knicks have been revoked. Their scorching 43 percent three point shooting have dropped to 26 percent tonight, adding itself to the long list of offensive struggles. It definitely didn't help when their leading scorer Carmelo Anthony (20 points, 7 of 14 shooting) got in foul trouble early in the third quarter and having to sit for the rest of it. Just to watch Memphis go on a 19 to 1 run, that established a lead the Knicks never managed to comeback from.

New York did give the Grizzlies a scare in the fourth quarter, picking up their defensive intensity that led to a 12 to 3 run. They would eventually cut the lead that was once 21 points to 8, but it was the closest they ever go.

Offensive End:

In the first half, the Grizzlies did not go to their usual post up game early, instead they ran a very effective pick and roll with Mike Conley Jr.. This versatile set, allowed Conley to do what ever he wanted. If he gets doubled off the screen in the key, he can easily kick it out to a big, that can hit a mid range shot on a consistent basis. If not he could penetrate or find the roller (advantage from size) for more buckets.

In the second half, Memphis resumed their old play, punishing the Knicks with Marc Gasol's crafty moves. New York has a problem at the four if they have to defend a bigger guy like Gasol. Carmelo have no chance against Marc.

New York came out to play hot potato. They moved the ball quick and made the extra passes. Their off ball movement, combined with their off ball screens did some damage early in the game. Carmelo has developed in his willingness to pass, he tries to attack the basket more often than settling for a jump shot. I think LeBron really influenced him, Melo is probably not happy that his fellow 2003 draft pick got the ring before him, so he inspired to work harder on both ends of the floor. 

The Knicks offense became stagnant once Melo left with foul trouble, they over dribbled, stopped passing and just could not hit a shot. Without a guy that can draw multiple defenders on him, the Grizzlies took advantage.

Melo killed Rudy Gay in the isolation play, his strength always created enough space for his shot to fall over the long out stretched arms of the Memphis swing man.

I don't know if it would have held up, but they should have went to Rasheed more in the post. He got 10 points in the first half, just destroying his man in the low block. He should have remained down there, but he decided to stand outside to shoot in the second half.

Defensive End:

Memphis defense is solid, they rotate well and can get out to the shooters quick enough just to bother it. If you want to see how boxing out is done properly, please watch what the Grizzlies front court do. They are so good with their timing and positioning, it feels like every single ball willingly falls right into their hands.

New York was alright on the defensive end. They didn't give the 100 percent effort like they did in their undefeated streak. The Knicks really need to work on fronting the post, they were absolutely terrible. Either getting out-positioned or just not trying to do it at all. Rasheed is the laziest defender on the team, at one point he got Mike Conley Jr. off a switch, and decided to taunt him, instead of actually getting out to defend him. It resulted in three points and whole lot of trash talking.

Just a fact I picked up from this game, the Knicks are annoying good at stripping the ball and Jason Kidd can somehow always get his hands on them cleanly.

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  • New York got a lot of technical fouls in this game, I think J.R. Smith, Melo, Coach Woodson and SHEED got one each. 
  • J.R. Smith and Jerrd Bayless almost threw down, which would have resulted in the least interesting fight ever. 

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