Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Parker, Ginobili and Duncan have superhuman strength.

I am no advertising expert, but using basketball players at the near end of their careers to advertise a series of Men's beauty products might not be the best idea. On second thought, it might just be brilliant. The products must be working because the Spurs just began their season with the franchise's best start in the last 40 years, going 4-0 with a core group of old dudes.

Also, is it just me or isn't it kind of unnecessary for Tony Parker to lift up the car just to get the basketball underneath it. I mean it wasn't even stuck, you could easily just retrieve it by using your feet. Sucks for the guy who had to come out from where ever he was to deactivate the alarm, only to find a grown adult messing with his car.

Bonus Video:

Being French, Tony Parker know what fancy is all about. The question is why is he the bouncer of his own backyard party, very weird. Tim and Manu should know better than show up at a fancy party with their uniforms, at least TP had a blazer on. 

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