Monday, October 8, 2012

This Week in the NBA: Terrible Life Decisions.

This is not going to be a recurring segment on this site. I just felt like I had to show you guys some pictures that captured a few NBA Players and their horrible life choices that happened this week.

First, we have Dwight Howard showing us the clear disadvantages of being 6' 11". Apparently at that height you can not find a turtleneck that will fit, nor can you pull it off. A few questions do come to mind though, if I am correct you play for the Lakers now, which means you live in a place that is summer all year long. There should be no occasion, where you will look at your closet and go "oh, a turtleneck would be perfect today."

Then we have the winner of the week, Brandon Jenninngs who decided to jump on the twilight-inspired trend and get golden teeth on where you would normally find vampire fangs. Oh, did I mention the lip tattoo, a freakin' lip tattoo. To make things worst, you can't even read what it says, that artist has kindergarten level hand writing. Have fun with that thing on your lip the rest of your life.

Source: Beyond the Buzzer

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