Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shaq trolls Dwight Howard in a freestyle rap.

Here we go again, more shots fired by the NBA Analyst (I say this loosely because he is terrible, take him off the TNT Halftime show, he only cares about farts), but this time in a more familiar format. Dwight Howard has become the second victim of Shaq's hot "rhymes," at this point I am just wondering if the man is just trying to hold on to the attention that he seems desperate for. After all he has been firing off at Dwight with stupid remarks after another in the past few months.

It seems like Shaq is bitter about Dwight taking the "Superman" nickname, which is just incredibly selfish when he has like a million more, he basically comes up with a new one every interview anyways. (Well, according to Wikipedia, I am about 999,983 off, he has 17 nicknames, and none of which is better than the Diesel.)

Source: SB Nation

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