Thursday, October 4, 2012

New NBA trend: Justin Bieber Backpack Rookie Hazing.

Photo by Jordan Strauss, AP

If you watched the Rookie Rising Stars challenge last year, a few rookies were forced to wear some ridiculous backpacks by older peers. While some rocked the Disney Princesses, Ricky Rubio took up the biggest challenge and wore the Justin Bieber backpack. He managed not to only pull it off because of his spanish pop star good looks, he might have began a trend.

The Suns welcomed Kendall Marshall with a Bieber pack of their own, with a newer and a less moppy headed Justin.

Update with Video:

Man, Kendall does not look pleased at all, come on at least be like Ricky and take it in stride. You can't show weakness.

If this trend really picks up, we already know who to call.

I have got to say, NBA rookie hazing is super disappointing, the NFL knows how to do it right, Tebow's rookie hair cut still gives me the giggles.

Sources: National Post (Picture), Suns Blog.

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