Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blake Griffin called the NBA's new flopping rule, a money grab.

We all know that the Clippers are currently the best flopping team, when they established themselves as one of the league's premier on court actors. As of yesterday, the NBA have decided to put an end to this outrageous trickery by implementing the new flopping policy. The problem is that, there are no penalties in game, because all flops are reviewed afterwards and the appropriate fine will be handed to the culprit. Fines are increased each time the player violates the rule, with a maximum of 30,000 dollars for the fifth violation, other penalties are administered at a sixth and above violation.

In a recent interview, Blake Griffin addressed the rule and called it a money grabbing scheme. Before you go nuts, and flashbacks of the Dunk Champion falling on to the ground when getting hit by guys much smaller than him. Raising questions to why a monster built body like his could submit itself to the floor countless number of times, he actually makes a good point. This new strategy by the NBA does not help change outcome of games that could potentially be decided by a flop. Guys can decide to take that fine, and make a play that can help them win the game.

The policy is definitely flawed and although it will cut down on the number of flops, it will not solve the problem in the long run. Penalties must be issued in games, otherwise the integrity of the league will always be at stake.

Update with video:

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