Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Iman Shumpert freestyles to Kanye's Clique.

You should know by now that there are only a few NBA players that are given props for their rapping and Iman is in the "elite" list of them. But after seeing this video, it might change your mind.

Ok, so many problems with this and since it is the offseason, I have nothing to do then breaking it down for you.

First off, saying that you got Raymond Felton, Kurt Thomas and Jason Kidd, is not threatening to anyone. Before you go ahead and kill "em", you should be more worried about them suddenly fainting on court and wither to death. Which is very possible as Felton is still out of shape, no matter he says how many pounds he lost, and other two are near/at their 40s'.

Second, I will give him props for actually freestyling the right way, unlike rappers do now a days, where they write their verses out before performing them. With that said, that was not impressive at all, listing your teammates, do not showcase you abilities, no wonder Stephen Jackson called him whack.

Sources: Beyond the Buzzer (picture), and Knicks Now.

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