Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Doc Rivers: "Jason Terry is slow as (bleep)."

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This summer, Boston ended the era of the original "Big 3" of the Celtics. With the rise of Avery Bradley last season, Allen had to take a backseat, in a role he was not comfortable with and eventually drove him out of town.

The addition of Terry, became a perfect fit, as the 2009 sixth man of the year, he can provide an offensive spark off the bench that the veteran team was desperately missing. His ability to create his own shot and making it at a consistent high percentage will be key to the Celtic's success. And because you want to know, in a recent interview, Jason explained his technique on creating his own shot.

From the Boston Herald:
... It’s changing speeds and changing pace, and sometimes when you’re slow, you’re quick. I mean, the defense doesn’t know what you’re doing. If you hurry, you run into your defender, and then you’ve accomplished nothing. So I had to slow myself down a little bit but still be quick at the same time.
The best part besides the fact that this made no sense was that Doc River heard it and called out on Jason Terry's bullshit
“He’s in no hurry. Well, he can’t be,” the coach said. “He’s slow as (expletive). 
That just moved Doc up in my non existent extensive list of coolest coaches ever. If you have the time please check out this great piece on Grantland about him, it might just make you move him up in your non existent list too.

Source: The Boston Herald

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