Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rasheed Wallace is the new Detroit Pistons assistant coach.

First day at work clothes. Via: @WallaceNBA_ESPN
No, really, you guys. It's true. And it is going to be the best thing ever, probably. 

From ESPN:
Former NBA player Rasheed Wallace has agreed to a two-year deal to join the Detroit Pistons' coaching staff and was on the bench Monday during the team's summer league game against the Boston Celtics. 
Wallace also had a notorious reputation for being one of the most volatile and temperamental players in the league. He routinely led the league in technical fouls and finished with 317 for his career. Moments before his coaching debut Monday, Wallace said he was ready for a change of pace and joked he would remain calm in his new job. 
"I'm not expending the energy out there, running back and forth, [telling referees], 'I'm out here busting my [tail] and you're not giving me a call,'" Wallace said about keeping his emotions in check as an assistant coach. "Being over there on the sideline, you try to be more of a motivational inspiration for the kids."
Yea okay, Sheed. You are not getting this one over anybody. Not even your player could vouch for you.

I am now taking any over/under bets on the number of "ball don't lie(s)" and technical fouls per game. My guess would be ALL OF THEM, because you know, he's Sheed.

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