Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kyrie Irving's NBA Live 14' cover and my tragic story.

I still remember it vividly, the last time I played NBA Live was in 07', I was using the Phoenix Suns (because at that time, the Steve Nash to Shawn Marion fast break alley-oop combo was nearly unstoppable even on the highest difficulty), and was playing against a friend who was using the Miami Heat. The game was close mostly due to the fact that neither of us could play defense (or hit any free throws), and it went down to the wire. Up 2 with merely 3 seconds left, I thought I had the my bragging rights in the bag and I was ready to go all up in his ear too. But 2 seconds of choppy animation later, video game Shaq launches a half court shot, wins the game, ruins my life for the next two weeks, and that was the last time I ever played a NBA Live video game. To this day, I still haven't forgotten the animation of a grieving Steve Nash, pounding his chest in pain. It broke my little Canadian heart.

Anyway, as you can see, Kyrie Irving is on the cover of NBA Live 14' and he looks super old.

Here's a video of his introduction to the game.

Hate you, NBA Live.

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