Thursday, July 4, 2013

Chris Copeland is considering bronzing his rookie Disney Princesses backpack.

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When you go undrafted and had to go play abroad for 5 years to finally get noticed by a NBA team, it would only make sense that your first official rookie hazing will always be something to cherish. Even if it was wearing a pink Disney Princesses backpack everywhere.

From SLAM:
Despite his age (28), Copeland wasn't spared from your standard rookie hazing: Marcus Camby gifted him with a small pink Disney Princess backpack, which was consistently glued to his back as he walked in and out of arenas. “I’m keeping that for life,” Cope laughs. “But seriously, it means a lot to me. I might bronze it or something. At first I was like, Are you serious? And when we’d go out people would laugh at me yell jokes and stuff. But when I really look back at what it took to be able to put on that backpack, I’ll never get rid of it.”
Not sure that can actually be done, but he can try with all the money he is going to get as a restricted free agent.

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