Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chandler Parsons cheated on Jeremy Lin for Dwight Howard.

The bromance is over, you guys. Leave it to Dwight Howard to come between something so beautiful. How many calls and texts have Chandler Parsons ignored from Jeremy Lin, in his effort to woo you, Dwight? Why couldn't you just pick a place? How can you do this? I HATE YOU. I didn't care when you went back and forth with your decision, but this, this is unforgivable.

From Forbes (Via: PBT):
“Chandler was relentless,” explained a source close to the situation to FORBES. ”[Chandler] called and texted [Dwight] every day, even face-timed and would answer every question Dwight could potentially have. We would drive to his house in the hills and talk to him. Basically Chandler Parsons recruited him like Nick Saban and a 5-star defensive tackle; they hardly knew each other at beginning of process.”
Chandler, this is your fault too, in a midst of your chase for Dwight, you completely forgot who was the most important person in your life, I am so telling Jeremy. I always knew you were going to break his heart. You boy band types are to never be trusted.

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