Thursday, May 30, 2013

Quincy Pondexter scored a date with Miss Tennessee 2012 through twitter.

A wise man on TV once told me that "love speaks louder than words," so I just going to let Quincy Pondexter's tweets tell the story of how a simple question on twitter scored him a date with Miss Tennessee.

Boom. And that's how you do it, kids. Who knows, maybe someday this first date will blossom into the greatest love story of our generation, and they will one day, get a chance to explain to their kids, the story of how they met. Of course, by that time, twitter probably won't be around anymore. So the kids (assuming they will have multiple children) will have no idea what they are talking about; when you say that Daddy got his first date with Mommy with just three messages on a social platform that only allows a 140 characters per message. The kids won't get it at first, but once they realized their dad could spit hotter fire than five Dylans combined, Quincy will be immortalized and worshiped as a God among men, or at least the coolest dad in the world.

Via: Grizzly Bear Blues

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