Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Metta Tweets: Knicks-Pacers Ketchup Analogy.

Metta World Peace doesn't have much to do nowadays, with the Lakers being out of the playoffs and everything, so he has been spending most of his time on twitter, entertaining us with rather interesting analogies during games. I wish could just copy and paste his entire timeline on here, but that could potentially cause an overload, so instead, I did you guys the favor of grabbing the best bits. Enjoy.

As insane as he sounds, Metta has a point. Ketchup is a vital part of your cheeseburger, without it, you are left with a dry piece of meat. So, what does it actually have to do with the Knicks and Pacers? I am not exactly sure. The Pacers are obviously the better team, with or without ketchup. Oh well, let's just hope Metta keeps things weird on twitter.

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