Wednesday, May 1, 2013

J.R. Smith does not know of a Jason Terry.

Jim McIssac/Getty Images
After missing out on game 4 of the Knicks-Celtics series due to a suspension received in game 3 for an elbow to Jason Terry's super wide head (I am talking full-out stretch of the head band wide), J.R. Smith could not recall who he knocked out to deserve the penalty in the first place.

From NY Post:
Smith was asked about Terry’s Game 4 heroics. 
“I don’t know who that is,’’ he said. 
Asked if he was concerned Terry might try to bait him in his return for Game 5, Smith said, “Who’s that? I don’t know who that is. I’m sorry.’’
That's a bit harsh, J.R., but you weren't the only one. I am sure many fans (specifically Boston fans) have forgotten who Jason Terry is. After being brought in to replace Ray Allen to become the instant offense he was as a Dallas Maverick, Terry failed to meet expectations, averaging the lowest points per game since his rookie season.

Hey J.R., if you need any tips to recognize Terry during the game, just look for the guy doing the stupid airplane celebration. You won't miss him. Then again, to do the celebration, Jason has to score first, never mind, just look for a guy with a Celtics' leprechaun holding a championship trophy tattoo on the underside of his arm.

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