Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hey ladies, what do think about Shane Battier's new mustache?

Via: @tomhaberstroh/ESPN
This is what happens when a playoff team sweeps their opponents in the first round and has 8 days of rest before their next game against a team (either the Bulls or the Nets) that just went all 7 games to get into the next round. After receiving four stitches in his chin from slamming into the hardwood in game 2 of the Heat-Bucks series, Shane Battier grew a beard to cover it up. And now that he has fully heal, he decided it would be fun to change things up because he was bored, which pretty much explains why that abominable thing is lying on his upper lip. So ladies and gents, you do you think? Aside from looking like a registered sex offender, is it working for Shane? (There is only correct one answer to this question and I hope for humanity that you get it right.)

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