Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Tragedy Of Brandon Knight Part 4: Brandon Meets Nikola Pekovic "The Bear."

After spending much of his past couple of months in the hospital to recover from a head injury caused by the fists of Metta World Peace, surgery that put back the shatter pieces of his ankles broken by Kyrie Irving and going under therapy to rid of the nightmares that replays the night where DeAndre Jordan made him into a highly ridiculed internet meme after nearly killing him on a rather exciting dunk, you would think Brandon would finally catch a break in the final weeks of the regular season, but things just keep getting worst for the young fella.

What could you have possibly done in your past life to anger the Basketball Gods? I mean you must have done something horrible like raiding an entire village or worst, going through an express checkout with more than the limited items and proceeding to pay in all change without any shame, as everyone in line wishes death upon you. At least Brandon read up on his bear survival guide, everyone knows that when dealing with a bear, you must pretend that you are no longer living. There wasn't much he could have done anyways, it's not like you would get up after getting bulldozed by a human bear.

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