Sunday, April 7, 2013

Random NBA Photo of the Day: Iman Shumpert's Triangle Bald Spot.

Via: Iman Shumpert's Instagram
There are a few things you need to know about New York Knicks' sophomore, Iman Shumpert. He raps with a shoe on his head, he is sponsored by Adidas, he has the highest of hi-top fades, and on Friday night vs. Bucks, he debuted a new addition to his hair with a Adidas logo shaved in to the back of his head. But what Iman didn't know was that, this was against league rules, so he had to remove it in order to prevent any further fines that his non-Michael Jordan salary can afford, leaving him a rather noticeable triangular bald spot in it's place. It's not all that bad though, at least you can pass it off as some weird tribute to a specific veteran teammate that is nursing an injury on the bench. I am sure Rasheed Wallace and his circular patch of bald would be honored in some way.

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