Friday, April 26, 2013

Random NBA .GIF of the Day: Zach Randolph Bear Hugs Matt Barnes.

AWWW. Via: @cjzero
How did Matt Barnes know that Zach was coming at him in a non-malicious manner? I mean with the bad blood between both teams, you would have expected a fight or something. After all, this did occur after a questionable flagrant foul call on Barnes. Oh well, GAME RECOGNIZE GAME, I guess. Also, I would like you to know that if a man, the size of Zach Randolph stumbles towards me, I would have done one of two things. The obvious is to poop my pants out of fear. Very normal. I am sure that would be the general reaction. The second, more poop. This of course would only be possible after a high fiber meal. No man can really have that lack of sphincter control. I apologize in advance for any disturbing mental images popped up during the reading of this senseless post, I probably should have warned you.

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