Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kenny Smith sanitizes his hands after slapping five with Charles Barkley.

There are a few possible conclusions to why Kenny had to sanitize his hands after giving his fellow studio analyst five.

1. Charles Barkley just blew his nose and Kenny was sanitizing for precautionary measures.

2. Charles Barkley just ate a donut and there were still remnants of syrup on his hands.

3. Charles Barkley just moisturized his hand with the vaseline stored in his navel.

4. Charles Barkley just kissed Dick Bavetta again and that alone should be a good enough reason for Kenny's action.

5. Charles Barkley just went to washroom and as his co-analyst for the past 14 years, Kenny knew Chuck's exact washroom habits/etiquette and it does not involve any kind of hand washing.

While number two was probably the most accurate conclusion drawn, let's see what you guys have in the comments.

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