Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kenneth Faried throws down the half court alley-oop pass from Andre Miller.

Is there something in the air in Denver that makes 50+ foot lob passes effortless that I should know about? Seriously, it's like whenever they come down to a lower altitude, their alley-oop game exponentially improves and then these things happen. The pass from Andre Miller is just all sorts of ridiculous, it took him exactly a second to turn around, face the court, one dribble and with a flick of his ancient, arthritic wrist, he hits the leaking Kenneth Faried from half court for the alley-oop finish. The execution of the whole play was just so perfect, that even the normally happy-go-lucky, excited about everything Manimal was bored. His face at the end of the dunk tells it all, dude was not remotely impressed. I don't know if it was the pass or Utah's defense, but I am guessing it's the latter.

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