Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jermaine O'neal goaltends James Harden's game winning three in the weirdest ending to a NBA game.

When you are a 34 year old veteran on a lottery team looking to rebuild in the draft, there will be a point in your career where the possibility of retirement settles in your mind. That time is now for Jermaine O'neal. Don't get me wrong, Jermaine have had a wonderful NBA career, and was once, one of the best at his position before injuries started to chip away at his career. While the Godsend Phoenix Suns trainers have done a miraculous job in restoring some of his missing athletic ability, you can not reverse old, and goal-tending a potential game winning three pointer at the buzzer to give away a win to your opponents is not greatest way to keep employed. But I could be totally wrong, and this could just be the most brilliant tank job in NBA history.

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