Friday, April 5, 2013

Gregg Popovich trolls in another classic interview with Craig Sager.

These will never get old. Coach Pop gave him exactly 9 words after two seemingly long, well thought out questions by Craig Sager. You could tell Craig really put in the effort to ask good questions. Okay, maybe not the first one, that one was doomed for failure before the words even left his mouth. I know this is all good and fun, but I just can't help to think that there is genuine hate between the two. So I guess I should go ahead and trash my sitcom idea about the two now. Wait, scratch that. Imagine Pop and Craig as roommates in an apartment in New York. Just the mere thought of the possibilities are giving me chills. Every episode will feature at least one or two, it's not decided yet, Pop insult to Craig's outfit of choice for a good measure, and of course, laughs. Yep, still a great idea. I am a genius.

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