Friday, April 19, 2013

Dwight Howard's "300" improv motivational speech. (Photoshop)

The following quotes are an actual thing and are in no way fictional for comedic purposes. These were the exact words Dwight Howard had for his teammates before their win over the Houston Rockets.

Howard immediately broke into character as a warrior from the movie “300″ clenching both his muscles and his lower jaw. 
“Listen, they don’t think we can do it,” Howard said as he paced in front of a few cameraman. “It’s 300 of us against all the Persians! We have to come out tonight. We got to look death in the eyes and say we don’t care if we die! We go hard!” 
Howard then starting mentioning members of the Lakers, including himself. 
“Kobe is watching us at home,” Howard said. “Dr Buss is watching us up high! Let’s let it out tonight! Everything we got! Everything! Leave it on the floor! Pau, put your big boy pants on! Dwight, hit your free throws! Jodie, hit those threes boy! Now let’s get it! Now let’s bring it in! Hoorah!”

Via: Inside the Lakers

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