Saturday, March 16, 2013

Random NBA Photo of the Day: Kobe's "Ice Mamba" Jacket.

Via: @mcten
After severely spraining his ankle on the foot of Dahntay Jones in the finals seconds against the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night, Kobe was questionable to play in Indiana on Friday. Although Bryant did miraculously play the entire 12 minutes of the first quarter, he would sit out for the rest of the game, without a single point to rest his injury. In the end, everything worked out, as the Lakers would get the win on the road and distance themselves from the looming Utah Jazz, who are hoping to take their spot back in the playoffs. Of course to prepare himself for such a game, Kobe at the age of 34 had to go under treatments after treatments to make sure his ankle would be able to hold up in response to the stress of the game. And it wouldn't be Kobe if he didn't team up with Nike to make a "Ice Mamba" jacket to commemorate this game in the case, that Kobe would go off for one of those historic games, where he shrugs off the injury to get the victory for his team. Unfortunately, the fictional campaign that I made up, was short-lived, as the Laker would fail to overcome the pain from his bloated ankle and lose the opportunity for his own version of those iconic Jordan games. It's okay though, you will always have 81.

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