Thursday, March 28, 2013

Don't try to steal LeBron James's headband.

The Miami Heat haven't lost a game since February 1st, and for nearly 2 months, the reigning NBA champions dominated the rest of the competition, winning 27 games in a row, setting the second longest streak in league history. But it all ended yesterday, when they visited the Chicago Bulls at the United Center. And as you can imagine, the Heat, who haven't tasted defeat for the last 55 days, didn't take the reminder of how much losing sucked, too.. let's just say, happily. So when a fan reached out to steal LeBron's headband as he walked into the tunnel following the loss, that said person wasn't greeted with the greatest of attitudes. Just a heads up to fans that are lucky enough to go to live games, please don't steal items off the player, if they are not willing to give it to you, you can't have it. You do not want to be that guy, trust me. And you do not especially want to do this against Russell Westbrook, unless you mentally and physically ready to fight him for a towel.

Via: Reddit
I wonder what it was like to get a death stare from LeBron, I can't imagine it to be fun.

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