Saturday, March 9, 2013

Deron Williams hits 9 threes in the first half to break a NBA record.

On Friday night, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn exploded into cheers as their point guard, Deron Williams lit up the Washington Wizards with threes after threes. Deron, who has been spectacular since the All-Star break, knocked down 9 three pointers in the first half to set a new NBA record. He went 7 for 7 from beyond the arc in the first quarter and continued in the second, where he would hit his eighth straight and then  the record breaking ninth to finish with 33 points on 15 shots before heading into the break. The Wizards as a team only scored 33 points in those two quarters and it took them 50 shots. What is even more impressive was that Deron did all of that in 16 minutes, while Washington took 24. The Brooklyn point guard would eventually finish one three pointer shy of the all-time NBA record of 12 three pointers made in a game. Forget dunking Deron, if you can go 11 of 16 from downtown every night, you don't ever have to worry about getting into the paint and risk injury.

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