Monday, February 11, 2013

The Golden State Warriors are going to wear jerseys with sleeves.

Via: Mercury News
In the latest edition of the worst NBA ideas ever, the Golden State Warriors have decided to wear the NBA's first sleeved jerseys because tank tops are apparently too played out nowadays.

From Mercury News:
On Monday, the Warriors will unveil their yellow, alternate uniforms. They will be the first team in the modern NBA era to play in something other than a tank top.
The Warriors will debut the new unis for their Feb. 22 home game against the San Antonio Spurs... They will also wear them March 8 vs. Houston and March 15 vs. Chicago.
Please don't. These are hideous. The shorts don't match and the sleeves are just plain weird and unnecessary. The NBA throwback jersey idea was a great idea, but why do you have to ruin it with something like this. How can you possibly look at that and think that your players would want to wear these things, even if they are better for performance.
The uniforms are 26 percent lighter than their traditional counterparts... They come with the ever-popular moisture-absorbing feature. The sleeves are made with stretch fabric that wraps 360 degrees around the shoulder to ensure full range of motion, because anyone who has played basketball knows how a T-shirt's sleeve can interfere with a jumper.
The shorts -- which have pinstripes inspired by the Bay Bridge -- have been modernized, too. The stretch woven fabric, pricked with thousands of holes, make the bottoms as lightweight and airy as ever.
Wouldn't it be even lighter without the sleeves? So if you are trying to shed weight off the uniforms, why would you keep them on anyways? Oh, it's for the fans?
The rationale is having a full shirt as the team's jersey allows people to represent their team in more settings. Unlike soccer, baseball and football, basketball uniforms are limited, from a fashion perspective, because they are sleeveless.
The "swingman" jerseys will run about $110, about $40 more than the traditional replicas. The authentic versions will be $300. 
Why would anyone pay such a large amount for a compression T-shirts with their team's logo on it. No one wears compression T-shirts outside of the gym/during workouts and if you do, we can't be friends. Seriously though, I think there is a motive behind these Warriors' alternate jerseys. I don't know if they have heard, but Dwight Howard is an unrestricted free agent in the upcoming summer. Seeing that Dwight Howard loves to cover himself up for a guy built like a tank and is literally all muscle, these jerseys might be the deal maker there.
Via: Mercury News


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