Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ray Allen is still known as "Jesus" to his Heat teammates.

He didn't actually play "Jesus," his character was named Jesus, but I made him look like one anyway.
Ray Allen is in his 19th and possibly last NBA season, while most of us will forever remember his illustrious career on the day he gives up his jersey, some of us will also remember what he did on the silver screen. Believe it or not, Ray once starred in a Spike Lee Joint called "He Got Game" in 1998 along side Denzel Washington. The future Hall of Famer played the character of "Jesus Shuttlesworth," who was a highly recruited high school basketball star dealing with the struggles of choosing the right college. Since the release of the movie, the name of his character has always stuck with Ray and his Heat teammates still call him by his character to this day.

From FOX Sports Florida:
Miami guard Mario Chalmers called it “one of my favorite movies.’’ He said Allen’s teammates sometimes call him by his character’s name. 
“We do it sometimes during games when he catches a hot streak or he does something crazy,’’ Chalmers said. “We’re like, ‘Jesus.’ Sometimes he just looks over and smiles.’’
It's great that Ray embraces it, but getting called "Jesus" just seems a little bit uncomfortable, and weird. To each his own, I guess.

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