Saturday, February 9, 2013

LeBron James plays a game of catch with a Heat fan.

LeBron is making every fan famous nowadays. Last month, he made a lucky fan that knocked down a half court shot for $75,000 into a internet sensation. The video has gone viral ever since, and is currently at 11 million views. This time, things were a little bit different. There were no tackling or half court shooting involved, but the interaction was a whole lot weirder. When the basketball goes out of bounds in one of the possessions in the Los Angeles Clippers vs. Miami Heat game, one fan caught the ball. Normally, the fan would just return the circular object to the player or referee and allow the game to resume. But LeBron had other ideas. Possibly bored at being so good at basketball, while holding a huge lead against the Clippers, he went and played a short game of hot potato with the Heat fan in the stands. I don't know why he did this. If it was just to make the fan happy, LeBron, you sir, are making it really hard for people to hate you. Well, at least until you destroy their favorite team in the playoffs.

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