Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kevin Garnett tells his daughter to go to bed in his post game interview.

After a hard fought win over the Toronto Raptors last night, Kevin Garnett, who dropped a game-high 27 points at the Air Canada Center, had a message for his daughter in his post game interview.

This nothing particularly new, he has done it once before, but never with profanity. I am sure Mrs. Garnett won't be too please to hear that. You can't blame him for trying to be a good dad though, he wants to make sure his daughter, who may or may not be staying up late to watch her dad play, is ready for school tomorrow. And when Kevin Garnett tells you to go to sleep, you do it.

The problem is that even if he is your dad, how can actually sleep after he gives you a stare. There is no way you will fall asleep without any trouble and if you do, nightmares wil likely occur. Just look at it. Not too long, you don't want your soul stolen.

Sweet dreams.

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