Sunday, February 10, 2013

Javale McGee, Brandon Jennings and Tristan Thompson leads last nights' NBA bloopers.

The NBA is great for many reasons. The basketball aspect alone is great, but nothing is better than professional basketball players messing up and making themselves look like idiots.

Number 1: Javale McGee does the worst flop in the world. (Via: @SBNation)
There is not really much to say. Javale McGee is who he is, and he will always be awesome. In the aww-look-at-the-dumb-things-he-does-to-make-us-laugh kind of way and totally not you-are-a-great-player-that-makes-the-right-decisions way. Let's face it. If Javale McGee actually becomes a consistently good basketball player, we will all be miserable.

Number 2: Tristan Thompson betrays his teammates and passes the basketball to his opponent. (Via: SB Nation)
You have eyes for a reason. Think before you jump stop into traffic, young one. At least force one up to try for a foul call.

Number 3: Brandon Jennings is not very good with time.


Down three points after Charlie Villanueva drains the shot from behind the arc, the Milwaukee Bucks had one last chance to tie game. With 9.7 seconds left on the game clock, plenty of time to get a good shot off, Brandon Jennings goes haywire and takes a step in from the half court line to launch a potential game tying three at the 5 second mark that would completely miss the rim. Looks like that max-deal you are looking for, won't come anytime soon.

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