Friday, February 15, 2013

Dwyane Wade is going to have his own sock collection.

David Dow/NBAE/Getty Images
Dwyane Wade made it clear last season, that he and LeBron James were the best dress in the NBA Finals. It was bold statement, especially when they were up against the one man army of Russell Westbrook, and we all know what he is capable of wearing. Actually we don't, it is really a surprise every time. But Wade is about to take himself to the next level, he has officially teamed up with STANCE socks to launch his own collection.

Dwyane Wade is the first NBA basketball player to launch his own sock collection. Wade's first venture into the sock industry is certainly not his first in the world of fashion. As one of the NBA's leading men, Wade is consistently recognized as one of the best-dressed players off the court and often documented for his style. Stance was thrilled to incorporate Wade's love for fashion and passion for design into this collection-harnessing his personal style into all aspects of the collaboration process.
Is this what it takes now to be called best dressed now? I will never understand fashion. Seriously though, did no one read my Dwyane Wade socks post 4 month ago and told him that socks should always match his shoes? Just look at this.
What is on Earth is he wearing. Hey, STANCE, you should really reconsider this partnership. Might save yourself some money there.

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