Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DeMar DeRozan exacts revenge on Timofey Mozgov on this ferocious dunk.

Approximately three years ago, Timofey Mozgov punked DeMar DeRozan at the Air Canada Center. Last night, those 3 years of built up hatred and revenge were unleashed on a single dunk by the Raptors guard. Unfortunately, it would not be as special as he would have hoped. As Blake Griffin had already accomplish the same feat before him.

During his dark days in his lab, planning his revenge, DeMar completely shut himself from the outside of the world. He was unaware that 2 weeks after he was victimized in 2010, Blake Griffin would embarrass Mozgov on national television, thus making "Mozgov'd" into a real basketball term. Which I never really understood, because usually you will use the name of the guy that did that "something" as the verb. So "Mozgov'd" should have really been "Blake'd or Griffin'd," and it would have obviously stood for mentally destroying your victim with a vicious dunk. It also works because Blake is known for dunking and gets absolutely no credit for everything else he does well.

Sorry DeMar, your dunk was great, but Blake not only pulled off his emphatic throw down, he did it so high off the ground, his crotch was literally in Mozgov's face. You can't shame anyone better than that. Annihilation of a man's pride at its best.

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