Friday, February 15, 2013

DeAndre Jordan's mom gave her son free throw shooting advice.

Ever since the Los Angeles Clippers became a good team, they have been given a lot of games on national television. And when you are on national television, you want to show everyone including casual fans that don't know much about you, how good you actually are. Usually the Clippers does a good job of this, I mean you can't get casual fans more involved than 5,000 alley-oops a game. But sometimes, believe it or not, this team has to shoot free throws and they just happen to be one of the worst in league. DeAndre Jordan is the second worst free throw shooter on his team and last night he embarrassed himself in front of everyone with a TV. It was so bad that his mom took it on twitter (she often live tweets her son's game and it is pretty entertaining) to give a few words of advice for her son.
I am pretty he used both of his eyes there, Ms. Jordan. Is there a third eye that I am not aware off? Or is it because his eyes are so close together (and they are), that if he doesn't cross his eyes to make one big eye, he will miss? I need answers.

Via: SB Nation

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