Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Danilo Gallinari's circus shot wins the game and tacos for the fans.

There are two reasons why the Denver crowd exploded on that ridiculous shot by Danilo Gallinari.

Number one, those 2 points puts the Nuggets, 6 points ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks with 47 seconds left to play. He basically locked up the win and forced the Bucks to play the foul game, which would fail because you know, they lost.

Number two, those 2 points totals the Nuggets' score to 110 and when they score a 110 points, the fans get 4 tacos from Taco Bell for a dollar (with the purchase of a large drink, of course).

Everyone loves tacos, even to the point where Gallo was skeptical about whether the fans were genuinely happy about the game sealing basket or were just thrilled to get the Mexican delicacy for a lower price.

It's just taco bell guys, I may not have them in the part of Canada that I live in, but they aren't that great, right? (Slowly, withdrawing my body into a fetal position wondering what the Doritos Locos Tacos cool ranch would taste like, while tears drip down on the side of my face.) Why Canada?

Via: SB Nation

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