Friday, January 25, 2013

The New Official Logo of the New Orleans Pelicans.

Via: @NBA
About a month ago, the New Orleans Hornets under new management have decided to change their nickname from the Hornets to the Pelicans. As you all know, or if you have just started to follow the blog, I am on Team Pelican and is fully supportive of the change. I was persuaded of the mascot opportunities and countless of YouTube videos that featured these vicious aquatic birds, which I strongly recommend you to check out before criticizing the name. You will be surprised.

The logo itself turned out pretty well, while I prefer their current unique color scheme of Creole Blue, Dark Purple. Mardi Gras Gold and White. The Blue, Red and Gold is alright, but it has already been done by the Cleveland Cavaliers, so that's a little disappointing. Here are the alternate logos and their descriptions.

This is some information on the colors chosen:

Okay, I get the why they chose blue and gold, but what is up with description of red. "It also represents the legend of the mother pelican pricking her own breast to feed her young in times of need, doing whatever it takes to endure." What is this? Did they run out of ideas and decided to watch a pelican feature on Animal Planet? We don't need to know that. Gross.

Source: NBA

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