Monday, January 21, 2013

Rajon Rondo has a really weird pregame routine.

Rajon Rondo is well known in the NBA to be quite a character, or lack there of. In reality, he just hates the media (probably you too) and refuses to open up. Since he is so adamant on maintaining a low profile, the only way to learn about him is from his teammates, and in a recent interview, Jason Terry revealed Rondo's rather bizarre pregame routine.

From ESPN:
"... His (Rajon Rondo) routine is long-winded and it lasts all the way through tip-off. It starts in the back hallway. He runs down a corridor and he throws the ball to our team chaplain, who throws it back. Then [Rondo] runs out into a circle, high-fives the whole team and then he does the layup lines for five minutes. 

"Then he will stand under the goal and Paul Pierce will shoot every ball on the rack from half court. Rondo will catch four balls at one time and then after that, it's just amazing -- one pass off the backboard to KG, one bounce pass to Paul Pierce and then he throws it all the way up to the scoreboard and Jeff Green finishes with an alley-oop.
Unfotunately, the person who filmed the video cut off the Jeff Green dunk. I have no idea how he came up with it in the first place and you shouldn't expect an explanation from Rondo anytime soon. It is kind of weird that no one caught on earlier, because when do you see a basketball player stand in the middle of the paint with his teammates all outside shooting bricks for him to catch. I am just glad to know he likes to pad his stats early.

Video Via: Celticslife

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