Sunday, January 20, 2013

NBA Christmas Carols - Cleveland Cavaliers Edition.

This one is a little late, but I promised to upload every single NBA Christmas Carol in 2012. If you treasure your hearing and would like to keep one of your most important 5 senses in proper form, please click away now. For those who are like me and love to watch professional basketball players embarrass themselves, continue on.

Let's be honest, these guys are terrible. I am just glad that one of them can play basketball, instead of haunting the streets with that voice. In terms of their ranking, I would put them in 7th place, ahead of the Lakers, but then I heard Tristan Thompson sing again, so they drop to the bottom the list.

If you still care, this is the current standing of the NBA Christmas Carols Power Rankings: 1. Dallas Mavericks, 2. Houston Rockets, 3. Brooklyn Nets, 4. Minnesota Timberwolves, 5. Denver Nuggets, 6. Golden State Warriors, 7. Los Angeles Lakers, 8. Cleveland Cavaliers.

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