Tuesday, January 22, 2013

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade serenades a lucky fan at the Battioke.

Remember when I told you that Shane Battier's 2nd Annual "South Beach Battioke" Charity event would be one of the best things in the world, because nothing is better than watching NBA players embarrass themselves by singing karaoke terribly. Yea, I was right. I mean can you imagine a better night than spending your time watching LeBron James sing Michael Jackson and then team up with Dwyane Wade to serenade a lady in the crowd with Shai's "If You Ever Fall In Love"(I totally had to Google this, had no idea what this was).

To top it all off, other Miami Heat players joined in on the fun. One notable performance was from James Jones and Pat Riley who sang Cee Lo Green's "Forget You" as a duet.

James Jones is surprising alright, and the jokes weren't half bad. Or maybe he is on to something we don't know about. Is Pat Riley the real coach of the Miami Heat? Which means that this Erik Spoelstra guy has been a highly advanced robot the whole time. Science.

If I stumble across more footage of the event, I will update this post with more videos.

Update: Apparently this happened. Need. Video. Evidence. Now. (Via: @mickyarison)

Update #2: Here's the video of Chris Andersen and Mike Miller performing "Ice Ice Baby." Keep your expectations low, because it was a little disappointing.

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