Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kendrick Perkins consoled Marcin Gortat following Kevin Durant's Dunk.

Love you, Bro.
If you missed it earlier, Kevin Durant nearly killed a man that goes by the name of Marcin Gortat on the court. No one actually passed away, but when a man is stripped off his pride on TV, it is equivalent to death.

Even though Kevin Durant went ahead and put him on Sports center for the next few months without permission, Marcin Gortat was a pretty good guy about it. He was cracking jokes and sharing funny moments after the game.

From the Valley of the Suns:

On the dunk:
“Well first of all, I was looking for my car keys under the basket,” Gortat said. “I was trying to find my car keys because I lost them over there, so I was just looking for it. And Michael Beasley is going to get Krispy Kremes for the rest of the season for sure for me.
Fair enough, it was Michael Beasley's fault for losing KD and leaving Gortat to fend for himself. Word of advice, leave your personal belongings in the locker room. NBA shorts don't have pockets, so how did you keep your car keys with you during the game in the first place? Was it a wristband tuck or a jock strap trap?
“When he took off of one foot, I didn’t even lift my hands up, I already knew what was going to happen. I just tried to get out of the picture, or at least smile. It was bad defense, and then bad rotation, bad help. You can’t do anything.”
He saw the future and still couldn't stop it. It's no surprise that there were no smiles, just whole lot of sad.

It gets even better, this is the best part of this whole thing:
“It happens. The funny thing is that when [Kendrick] Perkins was standing under the basket he looked at me and I looked at him, and he said, ‘I know how it feels.’ He said, ‘Guards left you on the island, huh?’ And I said, ‘Yeah.’
Kendrick Perkins, a victim of many dunks, offered consolation to a fellow broken man. This led me to wonder if there is a secret support group formed by the players that will forever be remembered for being on the wrong end of someone else's career highlight package. I would imagine that Ronny Turiaf would be the lead advisor, being the most experience out of everyone. Therapy session will typically involve these emotionally abused men sitting in a circle holding hands, showing sympathy for each other, while blocking anybody that disses them on twitter.

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