Thursday, January 24, 2013

Javale McGee Presents: A Very Javale McGee Dunk.

Via: @cjzero
Last time on Javale McGee Presents, I showed you guys a Washington Wizards tribute throwback performance by Javale. Showing the mishaps that he is notoriously known for. However, once in a while we get plays like this. Where he does something so spectacular and totally unnecessary that leaves you speechless and question whether it was in fact a good or a bad thing. Obviously he got those two points, but was it worth popping one of the veins on George Karl's forehead in the process?

If you are wondering why he placed his finger on top of his lips, it is because he has a mustache tattoo on his left index finger that he uses to let you know that "Pierre", his alter ego was responsible for that dunk. Yea, he is a weird dude.

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