Wednesday, January 30, 2013

According to Kobe Bryant, if he was a point guard, he would be the best.

With the Lakers struggling to find consistent success in their season, Kobe Bryant has opted to be a facilitator in the past week to get his teammates going for the first time in his career. Not only has he dished out 10+ dimes in the last 3 games, he actually has less field goal attempts than assists in all three victories. While I do believe this sudden change in Kobe's demeanor benefits his team, there is something that just feels wrong with this "New" Kobe.

Frankly, I think we can all agree that scoring Kobe is a cooler Kobe. If he shared the ball as much as he had in the past 3 games of this season, his career would have never been linked to Shaq drama (including a rap about tasting butts), Smush Parker stories and every single appealing thing about the Black Mamba would cease to exist.

Can you imagine a world with a Kobe like that? I don't even want to live in that world.We have come to know Kobe as a man that strives for nothing but perfection. A man, wired completely different than others. Basketball was his obsession and all he wanted was to be the best. Some would say he was a maniac, as he works hours on hours in the gym, alone. Shutting the whole world out with the sound of the basketball swishing through the hoop. His accolades speak for themselves. He has won multiple titles by being the offensive mastermind that forgets his teammates' existence and will shoot over double teams. We groan as the ball is released, but cheers explode as we watch him make those all too familiar shots that were once deemed impossible. If he wasn't the scorer he is today, we would never have a Kobe that makes Matrix references and that is not okay.
This dude is the coolest. No one will ever have his supreme confidence and ability to answer questions with nonchalance. He didn't even bat an eyelash when he said that he would be the best point guard if he ever played that position.

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