Monday, December 31, 2012

Tony Parker didn't think he deserved the NBA flop warning.

I can't. If this wasn't a flop like Tony Paker said, there is only two other possible explanations for his "dive." Either the ghost of Antoine Tyler from the movie, the Sixth Man (I think a Wayan was in it) pushed him or Toney Douglas has a tiny finger cannon that no one knows about. And since both are fictional, Tony should have probably kept his opinion to himself to avoid further embarrassment.

This is what he actually said (Via: Jeff McDonald):
How can he sleep at night, after lying to himself and everyone else. Toney Douglas was laughing because that was a terrible flop. A good one gets your teammates off their bench and cry. Even Manu couldn't help you there. But in Parker's defense, this is not exactly his area of expertise. After all, the French man is a more renowned flopper on the offensive end.

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