Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Round Up - December 22nd, 2012.

Stats Rundown

Via: @blakegriffin - This was from yesterday, too crazy to not post. New brand logo?
If James Hardens wants to score, all he has to do is put his beard out in front, make contact with his defender, (while making sure they get a mouthful of hair) and he will get free throws. At least that was it looked like in every game. He had another efficient night, going for 31 points on 13 shots, 8 assists, and 3 steals in the 30 minutes of Grizzly butt whooping.

You Got Mail: LeBron James ties Karl Malone for the third longest streak of 20+ points games to start the season at 24. His 30 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists in the victory over the Utah Jazz extends his zero personal foul streak to 6.

Block Party: Robin Lopez's hair alone blocked 6 shots, the rest of body had 24 points (11 of 16) and 11 rebounds in the loss to the Indiana Pacers.

Rookie Watch: Future ROY, Damian Lillard got 25 points (7 of 13), 7 assists and the game clinching jumper against the struggling Phoenix Suns.

Time Machine User: World Class Chucker, Kobe Bryant scored 34 points on 41 shots (Made only 16), and somehow only got one free throw attempt. For fun, you can guess how many Kobe-WTF-ref faces made over the span of his 44 minutes of playing time. He also had 10 rebounds and 5 assists in the overtime victory against the Golden State Warriors.

Great Canadian: Steve Nash returns with a horrible haircut, but was soon forgiven after hitting the dagger to seal the win in overtime. He finished with 12 points (5 of 8 and perfect from the three) and 9 assists. Steve Nash makes basketball really fun and here's prove:

Bucked Up: No one on the Milwaukee Bucks had double digit points, except for Monta Ellis, who scored 37 points in the loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Please Come In: The Denver Nuggets were invited to score 78 of their total 110 points in Charlotte Bobcats' paint. I was told after the game, that the Bobcats were gracious hosts and the Nuggets would love to visit again.

Grinch Clutch: The Houston Rockets mascot got Salmonella. Yes, their mascot is a giant teddy bear. (Via: @talkhoops)

Skates: Masked Kyrie Irving gets rid of his defender to make a pass to maskless Tyler Zeller.

Unibrow Alert: There was a unibrow sighting in New Orleans. He was caught dunking backwards.

Ball on Goggles: Kirk Hinrich may I ask you how many successful blocks you average a game to make you believe that this would be effective in stopping a dunk? Your 0.never sure doesn't think so.

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