Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The New Orleans Hornets might not change their name to Pelicans.

After I get completely sold on the whole Pelican name change, the NBA decided to trademark different possible names for the New Orleans franchise.

From Behind the Buck Pass:
Anil V. George, the attorney who typically handles the trademarks involving NBA brand names, filed trademarks on five new potential franchise names on behalf of the New Orleans Hornets NBA Limited Partnership…
The trademarks:
New Orleans Pelicans
New Orleans Rougarou
New Orleans Mosquitoes
New Orleans Swamp Dogs
New Orleans Bull sharks
I have watched too many hours of Pelican attacks on YouTube for another name change. These birds diabolical evil masterminds with wings. Mosquitoes are completely unacceptable when you have professional fly swatting uni-brow man on the team. Swamp Dogs are nicknames for Alligators, but these reptiles are way too played out. You don't need to keep the Bull in the Shark, so that is a no. The only thing that is really cool about Rougarou, other than the chances of it being mispronounced is that, it is a beast from Louisiana folklore, a monster from oral traditions that varies from a werewolf-like blood-seeking beast to a boogeyman. No matter how cool that sounds, I am staying on #TeamPelican and you cannot convince me other wise.

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