Friday, December 14, 2012

The Globetrotters grants Kobe's request to play the Washington Generals.

In perhaps the biggest surprise of the season, the Los Angeles Lakers are off to their worst start since 1978. After a summer block buster trade that landed Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, this team was expected to be instant Championship contenders. But they now stand at 9-13, they are on a 4 game losing streak into the first quarter of the season. The players are frustrated, and for the first time in his career, Kobe seems lost. He is so defeated that he even suggested playing the Washington Generals in an attempt to bring life back into his team.
“Every game for us has a lot of meaning to it at this point,” Bryant said after a 116-107 loss to the Knicks in Madison Square Garden. “Maybe if we were rolling, playing well … at this point, I wish we had the Washington Generals on our schedule.”
Kobe asks, Kobe gets:
For those who don't who the Washington Generals are, they are simply an exhibition basketball team full of losers that never managed to beat the Harlem Globetrotters more than once. There have not been reports of Kobe accepting the offer, but they do play the Washington Wizards today, which is a close second.

Good thing Kobe didn't challenge the Globetrotters, because they got his moves down and are ready to defend against it.

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